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Does Your Client Experience Feel Like a Luxury Resort, or the DMV?

A few simple steps can really advance your practice, not to mention elevate the overall impression clients have when they deal with your office.

By Jeff Unger | January 2018

Law Office Management

Courtly Manners in the Holiday Season

To stay off everyone's naughty list this holiday season, mind your manners—and take this true/false etiquette quiz.

By Crystal Rockwood | December 2017

Expert Advice, Legal Marketing, Tech for Lawyers

Auto-Renewal Update

California businesses face revised rules for their automatic renewal practices, especially if they include a “free trial” feature.

By Kirk Soderquist, James Snell, and Elizabeth Mendoza | December 2017

Expert Advice, Tech, Tech for Lawyers

Internet Investigations for Effective Discovery

A few clicks of the computer can yield a treasure trove of information about a party or key witness.

By Alexandra Hamilton | July 2017

Expert Advice, Law Office Management

Small Firm Partnership: Making it Work

A proven recipe for a successful small firm partnership: Talk often and don’t sweat over money.

By Gerald Sauer and Eve Wagner | July 2017

Art of Getting Paid

Fee Complaints: How to Sort the Reasonable From the Unreasonable

Most fee complaints fall into four general categories. Here's an overview and analysis of each type of complaint.

By Frederick Hertz | June 2017

Art of Getting Paid

Responding to Fee-Related Complaints

Here are the core practices that you should follow in your response to a client's complaint about fees.

By Frederick Hertz | March 2017

Art of Getting Paid

When Can You Stop Working for a Client in Arrears?

If a client is in arrears but has an ongoing matter—litigation or otherwise—at some point, you will need to decide when to withdraw representation.

By Frederick Hertz | February 2017

Law Office Management, Tech

How to Create a Sustainable Technology Vision for Your Growing Law Firm

A law firm's technology strategy needs careful long-term planning to grow and thrive.

By Joe Kelly | January 2017

Law Office Management, Tech

How to Implement a Scalable, Long-Term Legal IT Plan

After creating a road map for a law firm’s technology vision, take these three crucial steps to set the plan into motion.

By Joe Kelly | January 2017
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