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Legal Marketing

December 2017

Auto-Renewal Update

California businesses face revised rules for their automatic renewal practices, especially if they include a “free trial” feature.

By Kirk Soderquist, James Snell, and Elizabeth Mendoza

November 2016

New Legal Practice Logo and Web Design 101

A London-based designer offers tips on how to craft the right visual identity for a law practice.

By Richard Chapman

September 2016

5 Online Marketing Metrics Law Firms Should Track

You can’t expect to analyze how well your efforts have been faring without a long, hard look into the metrics that define your law firm’s success.

By Rahul Alim

June 2016

7 Questions Attorneys Must Ask a Digital Marketing Agency

Not all digital marketing agencies are well-suited to legal marketing—the key is to properly vet them.

By Rahul Alim

March 2016

Law Firm Marketing: 6 Spring Cleaning Tips

Are your law firm’s marketing strategies stale and dusty? Shake them out with these expert digital marketing tips.

By Rahul Alim

March 2016

The Death of Online Advertising: How Ad Blockers Will Change Law Firm Marketing

Will most online ads soon go the way of the Yellow Pages?

By William Peacock

September 2015

Law Firm Websites: What to Tackle Before the Visual Design

Before all else, you need to define your law firm website's purpose and your customer's needs.

By Rahul Alim
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