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Legal Marketing

5 Online Marketing Metrics Law Firms Should Track

You can’t expect to analyze how well your efforts have been faring without a long, hard look into the metrics that define your law firm’s success.

By Rahul Alim | September 2016

Art of Getting Paid

Documenting Your Non-Billable Time

What records you should keep of your non-billable time.

By Frederick Hertz | August 2016

Art of Getting Paid

The Need for Honest Record Keeping of Bills

A few reasons why some lawyers might inflate their bills, and tips on how to avoid doing it.

By Frederick Hertz | August 2016

Gender Equality: 4 Takeaways From the White House’s United State of Women Summit

Attorney Olga V. Mack shares some of her favorite moments from the inaugural White House event aimed at addressing gender equality issues.

By Olga V. Mack | July 2016

Art of Getting Paid

How to Master the Daily Task of Entering your Time

There are three crucial components to keeping track of your time on a daily basis.

By Frederick Hertz | July 2016

Art of Getting Paid

Which Billing System Do You Use?

Some basic criteria for attorneys to use in evaluating all the available billing system options.

By Frederick Hertz | June 2016

Legal Marketing

7 Questions Attorneys Must Ask a Digital Marketing Agency

Not all digital marketing agencies are well-suited to legal marketing—the key is to properly vet them.

By Rahul Alim | June 2016

Art of Getting Paid

Billable vs. Non-Billable Time: What’s the Proper Rule?

Here are a few general rules you can follow for differentiating between billable and non-billable time.

By Frederick Hertz | May 2016

Art of Getting Paid

What’s the Best Billing Measurement: 1/10 Hour, 1/4 Hour, or Non-Hourly?

Every billing approach, be it fixed-fee or hourly, has pros and cons to keep in mind.

By Frederick Hertz | April 2016

Legal Marketing

Law Firm Marketing: 6 Spring Cleaning Tips

Are your law firm’s marketing strategies stale and dusty? Shake them out with these expert digital marketing tips.

By Rahul Alim | March 2016
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