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January 2018

Does Your Client Experience Feel Like a Luxury Resort, or the DMV?

A few simple steps can really advance your practice, not to mention elevate the overall impression clients have when they deal with your office.

By Jeff Unger

December 2017

Auto-Renewal Update

California businesses face revised rules for their automatic renewal practices, especially if they include a “free trial” feature.

By Kirk Soderquist, James Snell, and Elizabeth Mendoza

July 2017

Internet Investigations for Effective Discovery

A few clicks of the computer can yield a treasure trove of information about a party or key witness.

By Alexandra Hamilton

October 2016

Budget for a Better Business in 2017 With Enterprise Business Intelligence Technology

How to spend more wisely and work more efficiently to find a BI solution that works for your firm.

By Megan Beauchemin

October 2016

Are You Audit Ready? Strategies, Tools, and Tactics to Address Compliance Concerns in the Legal Industry

While formal audits are pretty rare, every client is concerned about the security of their law firms.

By Scott Petry

September 2015

How Your Laptop Can Improve Your Work-Life Balance (Part 2)

A small firm owner reveals her favorite tech tools to help break free from the office.

By Sally Morin

September 2015

How Your Laptop Can Improve Your Work-Life Balance (Part 1)

To achieve more workplace flexibility, use your laptop as your communication "control center."

By Sally Morin

August 2015

When Luddite Trial Presentation, E-Discovery, and Ethics Collide

To competently handle e-discovery matters, effective trial presentation is essential.

By Ted Brooks
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