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February 2018

Selecting Litigation Counsel

When it comes to choosing the right lawyer to plead a case, it’s all about character.

By Janis Ozaki

January 2018

Legislating Addiction

Addictive behavior—whether with drugs, alcohol, or your cell phone—has reached epidemic proportions. A lawyer calls for the Legislature to act.

By Karina Saranovic

January 2018

California’s Energy Storage Policies Enable a Greener, Cleaner Future

Recent policy developments seek to ensure better energy storage and distribution in the years to come.

By Buck Endemann

January 2018

Does Your Client Experience Feel Like a Luxury Resort, or the DMV?

A few simple steps can really advance your practice, not to mention elevate the overall impression clients have when they deal with your office.

By Jeff Unger

December 2017

California Employment Law: New Developments for 2018

Here are 10 recent developments that will impact employers and employees in the coming year.

By Jason Barsanti and Aimee Axelrod Parker

December 2017

Gag Orders on Grand Jury Subpoenas to Banks: The Next First Amendment Frontier?

It is not uncommon for federal prosecutors to use grand jury subpoenas to force banks to produce their customers’ financial records—while barring the banks from telling their customers. Is that constitutional?

By Joshua M. Robbins & Adam M. Sechooler

December 2017

Auto-Renewal Update

California businesses face revised rules for their automatic renewal practices, especially if they include a “free trial” feature.

By Kirk Soderquist, James Snell, and Elizabeth Mendoza

November 2017

Understanding the New Framework for Whistleblower Retaliation in California

Changes to the Labor Code enhance protection for employees who speak out against improprieties.

By Pooja S. Nair

October 2017

Structuring Fees at Settlement Time

When a case resolves, attorneys have a decision to make: what to do with the fees owed to them.

By Patrick Farber

October 2017

Protecting Customer Lists as Trade Secrets

California law recognizes some customer lists as trade secrets. But not all of them.

By Mark Punzalan and Stephen Stanwood
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