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February 2018

The Perils of Unauthorized Disclosure (Special Credit)

When an attorney discovers she has received privileged documents in error, crucial ethics questions arise, and they have serious consequences.

By L. W. Greenberg

February 2018

Drone Searches: A New Frontier for the Fourth Amendment

The use of drones spurs reassessment of time-honored privacy concerns.

By Kevin Moon and Brandon Franklin

January 2018

Are Student Interns Employees?

Ninth Circuit and the Department of Labor clarify when an intern is entitled to minimum wages and other employment benefits.

By Alan S. Levins and Amanda Osowski

January 2018

Ethics and the Silence Breakers (Special Credit)

The prevalence of sexual harassment raises profound ethical issues for attorneys.

By Teresa J. Schmid

December 2017

Judges and Blogging: An Ethical Minefield (Special Credit)

A recent decision from the Ninth Circuit highlights the problem when a judge participates in social media.

By Andrew M. Massara

December 2017

Residential Solar Rights

California is a leader in promoting alternative energy sources, including the use of solar power in connection with residences.

By Theodore L. Senet and Samantha R. Staroba

November 2017

What Everyone Should Know About Stock Options and Restricted Stock

Employee stock options are a great perk, but they can be complicated.

By Robert W. Wood

November 2017

Dealing With Deposition Stipulations

Know and understand the Southern California deposition stipulation to project experience and protect your clients.

By David M. Angeloff

October 2017

The Ever-Growing Need for an e-Discovery Attorney at the Corporate Level

The key is having the right person in the right place at the right time.

By Alex Stemkovsky

October 2017

Representing Joint Clients (Special Credit)

Representing more than one party in a given matter is permissible, but it can raise a host of ethical issues, including those that involve potential—and actual—conflicts of interest.

By Teresa J. Schmid
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