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Practical Tips

April 2017

How Insurance Companies Are Like Casinos

Here are ten ways that risk underwriting compares to the business plan of a Las Vegas casino—the insight may prove useful during a coverage dispute.

By Joseph G. Balice

October 2016

Phone Consults: An Efficient Tool for “Closing” Clients

In-person consults are the norm, but phone calls might be a more efficient way to attract new clients.

By Kristen Holstrom and Samantha McBride

September 2016

5 Practical Tips for New Attorneys

There are many things new attorneys must do to succeed in the legal profession, but following these five tips is a good place to start.

By Matthew Horn

July 2016

Q&A: Entering the Lateral Hiring Market

Adam Bass, President and Chief Executive Officer of Buchalter Nemer, offers tips to attorneys considering a lateral career move.

By California Lawyer Staff

July 2016

Joy in the Legal Profession

How lawyers can find joy in the legal profession, and how mindfulness can help.

By Diana Maier

April 2016

Playing in the Family Law Sandbox Together Nicely

A primer on civility in family law litigation.

By Chandra L. Moss, CFLS and Marie I. Braun, CFLS

April 2016

Speak Up to Get Ahead

Quietly doing good, hard work does not alone guarantee career advancement: you need to speak up.

By Valerie Fontaine

April 2016

Managing Face Time for Work-Life Balance

Tips on how to make your presence known in remote or flexible work arrangements so you can achieve work-life balance without jeopardizing career development.

By Valerie Fontaine

March 2016

MMRSA: How New Medical Marijuana Regulation Paves the Way for California’s New Cash Crop

Here's an overview of California’s new Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act.

By David Welch

February 2016

Lawyer Jokes: The Image of Lawyers Is No Joke, But Maybe It Should Be

In a world of sound bites where people get their news from late-night comedy shows, telling positive lawyer jokes may be more effective than you’d think.

By Malcolm Kushner
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