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July 2017

Internet Investigations for Effective Discovery

A few clicks of the computer can yield a treasure trove of information about a party or key witness.

By Alexandra Hamilton

January 2017

How to Create a Sustainable Technology Vision for Your Growing Law Firm

A law firm's technology strategy needs careful long-term planning to grow and thrive.

By Joe Kelly

January 2017

How to Implement a Scalable, Long-Term Legal IT Plan

After creating a road map for a law firm’s technology vision, take these three crucial steps to set the plan into motion.

By Joe Kelly

January 2017

Is Your Law Firm’s Technology Eroding Your Bottom Line? Here’s How to Prevent It

A reliable assessment process is the first step to ensuring technology will keep pace with your firm’s needs.

By Joe Kelly

December 2016

LexisNexis Launches New Legal Tech Accelerator In Silicon Valley

Participating startups receive hands-on mentoring, access to cutting edge tools, technologies and data, and other unique benefits to advance their businesses.

By California Lawyer Staff

November 2016

One Lawyer’s Take on Dealing With Difficult Clients

Tips on how to diagnose a potential “problem client” and a method to deflect the inquiry.

By Suzanne Natbony

November 2016

New Legal Practice Logo and Web Design 101

A London-based designer offers tips on how to craft the right visual identity for a law practice.

By Richard Chapman

November 2016

4 Essential Functions of Workflow Technology

An overview of the core functions workflow technology should perform in a law firm's quest to achieve greater efficiency.

By Eric Wangler

October 2016

Budget for a Better Business in 2017 With Enterprise Business Intelligence Technology

How to spend more wisely and work more efficiently to find a BI solution that works for your firm.

By Megan Beauchemin

October 2016

Are You Audit Ready? Strategies, Tools, and Tactics to Address Compliance Concerns in the Legal Industry

While formal audits are pretty rare, every client is concerned about the security of their law firms.

By Scott Petry
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