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California Association of REALTORS®

Real Estate Mediation Center for Consumers
P: (213)739-8376


The California Association of REALTORS® Real Estate Mediation Center for Consumers provides home buyers and sellers, as well as other parties to real estate transactions, with a highly qualified and trusted pool of specially trained mediators to help settle their real estate disputes. The Center offers high value, specialized and reliable real estate mediation services.

Real Estate Is Our Focus

The Center utilizes only experienced mediators that have in-depth knowledge and experience with real estate transactions. This expertise, combined with ongoing real estate focused training and support, gives our mediators the practical knowledge and experience necessary to expertly and efficiently guide the parties toward successful resolutions.

Almost any type of dispute between or among buyers, sellers, brokers and other parties to a real estate transaction can be mediated at the Center. These include, among other common disputes, those related to earnest money deposits, cost of repairs where there is an allegation of a failure to disclose a known defect, and claims for damages associated with a claim of misrepresentation about the condition of the property.

High Value And Easy Access

Participating mediators agree to reduced rates and other cost savings as part of their participation on the Center panel. The Center offers quick and easy online filing with most matters processed within 48 hours of filing (or sooner for urgent matters). We have mediators available to serve your real estate mediation needs throughout California.

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